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We're good.  We're safe.  We're experienced.

In business since 1999, we began as a piping company, then spent years in general welding fabrication.  Since 2005, we have used that past experience and knowledge to specialize in cell tower modifications. Contact us to learn more about who we are, what we do and why we do it.

ASME Welding Certification

6G     PIPE        GTAW Root/SMAW Filler                Carbon Steel

6G     PIPE        GTAW Root/SMAW Filler                9 Chrome

6G     PIPE        GTAW Root/SMAW Filler                2 ¼ Chrome

6G     PIPE        GTAW Root/SMAW Filler                316L Stainless

6G     PIPE        GMAW                                          Carbon Steel

6G     PIPE        GTAW                                           ½” SCH 80 316L Stainless

6G     PIPE        SMAW Rt(6010)/SMAW Flr(7018)    Carbon Steel

3G     PLATE      FCAW                                           Carbon Steel

1G     PLATE      SUBMERGED ARCE                        Carbon Steel

3G     PLATE      SMAW                                          Inconel            

3G     PLATE      GMAW                                          Inconel

4G     PLATE      FCAW                                           Carbon Steel

 *      Less than a 3% x-ray rejection rate


AWS D1.1 Certification

6G    PIPE          SMAW Rt(6010uphill)/ (7018) Filler     Carbon Steel


AWS Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) 95041191


D.O.T Welder Certified



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